About Us


Mothers Foundation, Inc is a 501(c) organization established in 2001 with the purpose of helping to create change for the betterment of the Sickle Cell population.

Our family was directly affected with Sickle Cell Disease/Anemia. We have firsthand experience of the many stages of suffering from childhood to adulthood. It is very painful to see family members suffer through painful Sickle Cell Crisis, and a medical care system that often associate the suffering with drug seeking behavior.


As children becomes adults, there is no accommodation for the often worsened condition of the ravaging deteriorations of Sickle Cell Disease/Anemia. Adults will express more tolerance to pain, and suffer in silence. This results in more hospitalization. These individuals struggle to obtain higher education even though they have high aspirations. They struggle to gain or maintain jobs, as they have to develop higher pain threshold for functionality compared to their peers. They are denied disability despite their inability to function in daily activities. Daily activities have to be measured to minimize the risk of having Sickle Cell Crisis. They often loose limbs, hips, joints, or vital organs as they get older. The dysfunctional handicap is not readily visible, as in most cases it’s out of sight, and out of mind not be seen or felt by others. Sickle cell individuals are often passed over as nuisance and ineligible for normal employment, once they are honest and share their vulnerabilities or weakness to perform certain tasks.


We at Mothers Foundation understand the complex dysfunction and systematic failures of our society.
We recognize that society’s priority and commercialization of profit above people creates an unending tide of broken lives.

Our first-hand experience have driven us to seek solutions that will promote focusing on the rediscovery of self.
We purpose to activate spiritual growth, foster self-worth, self-value, and psychological health for the most vulnerable, and the marginalized.

This will ensure future generations to live better quality, more fulfilled, and sustainable lives.

We will participate in research, to educate, facilitate and accommodate with the assistance of all our generous partners.



Educate, facilitate, and accommodate to transform lives, and change destiny one person at a time.


We encourage spiritual awareness, and the responsibility to thoughtfully work together. People with Sickle Cell Disease / Anemia have unusual, and unseen challenges. We work to bridge the gap of the void of our common values. We at Mothers Foundation/Ministry in partnership with all our partners and communities will help to promote health and wellness for the Sickle Cell population. This will be done through technology, research and innovative tools.