We are diligently, and safely collecting, and compiling enough data to provide the latest revolutionary technology to eliminate Sickle Cell Disease?Anemia.

Please be patient as we pursue this unchartered path to save lives, and improve the future of those with or affiliated with Sickle Cell Disease/Anemia.
The process begins with participation, and we will need a corporation of all like-minded for the elimination of Sickle Cell Disease/Anemia. Most importantly, we will need all affiliated nationalities to sign up and be a member of (SCEA) Sickle Cell Elimination Ambassador Team.
If you are of the African continent or any of the following demographics diagnosed with Sickle Cell Disease/Anemia or Sickle Cell Trait, you are a prime candidate to prevent and eliminate future Sickle Cell Recycling.

All Hispanic, Asian, Hawaiian Pacific Island, and Southern Europe are also a prime candidate for this full thrust for Sickle Cell Disease Elimination. Our first phase requires 100000 SCE Ambassadors (Sickle Cell Elimination Ambassadors) to start the process.