About Mothers Foundation

Mothers Foundation is a 501(c) organization established in 2001 by Rev Michael & Lorie Bonnick. We believe all communities will experience its full potential when all members of that community have the opportunity to full expression, and participation in all its exploits.What started out as our personal struggle to combat the diverse challenges of health maintenance, educational disruption, and self-development has evolved into a foundation of committed principles, and programs to change lives, and destiny for many.


Our Work

Mothers Foundation organizes programs to:
  • Provide informational resources
  • Provide support, advocacy and support seminars for the affected and their families.
Services for Sickle cell:
  • Education consistency program.
  • Healthy worker productive workplace.

Sickle Cell Disease

The disease occurs as a result of red blood cells having a sickle shape instead of being round. Normal red blood cells are round and flexible and moves through the veins and arteries easily. In Sickle cell the cells are sticky and rigid and get clumped together when moving through the veins and arteries. As they get clumped together, blood flow to a region or an organ slows down. This process causes ischemia (lack or reduction of blood supply to the tissues) followed by fever ,swelling and intense pain. This event leads to what is known to as a “painful crisis”.